What To Expect During Your Hearing Test

What to expect at your hearing test

The hearing assessment produces a detailed analysis of the precise state of your hearing just as an sight test does for your eyes. In most cases a hearing test will detect a hearing loss if one is present, as well as determine the type of hearing loss. With these results the hearing care professional will be able to recommend the most appropriate solution to get you back on the road to better hearing.

Your Hearing Evaluation
A hearing assessment is painless and straightforward. Allow an hour so your individual needs can be discussed, perhaps have a friend or a loved one come along too.

First, your hearing care professional will talk to you about your background - medical history, job and hobbies etc., and any changes you may have noticed in your hearing. They will then give your ears a thorough physical examination using an otoscope to look inside.

Next, you will be asked to listen to a series of sounds played at varying pitches and volumes through headphones. This is called a Pure-Tone audiology test. The results are entered onto an audiogram; a chart illustrating any hearing loss you may have.

The audiogram is a graphic representation of you level of hearing loss. It provides information on the degree and type of hearing loss and is the first test used to determine any areas where your hearing can be improved, if you will be a candidate for hearing instruments or have a hearing loss that is medically or surgically attended to.

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