Questions for your hearing care professionals

Print this list of questions, add your own and you'll be well prepared to find out what you really want to know when you visit a hearing professional

  • What kind of hearing loss do I have?
  • Is it medically treatable?
  • Is there anyone else I should see about this?
  • What are the results of my hearing tests? What’s my hearing threshold?
  • Are there specific frequencies or types of sound I have more trouble with than others?
  • Is there anything I can do on my own to hear better?
  • What are my treatment options?
  • Can I prevent further hearing loss?

If your hearing Professional recommends hearing instruments, be sure you’ve discussed the following concerns.

  • Will hearing instruments actually improve my ability to hear?
  • What are the differences between basic types of hearing instruments?
  • What kind of hearing instruments would be best for me?
  • How are hearing instruments priced? Can you break down the cost?
  • What’s the return or trial period on the hearing instruments I’m purchasing?
  • Are there service fees that won’t be refunded if I return the hearing instruments? What is covered in these fees, and how much can I expect to pay?
  • What kind of post-fitting and hearing rehabilitation programs do you provide?
  • Can I expect to come back for minor hearing aid adjustments?
  • Do you provide a written contract or purchase agreement?
  • Is there a warranty? Who honors the warranty, you or the manufacturer?
  • Is there financing available for buying hearing instruments?
  • Can I get insurance in case they’re lost or damaged?
  • What’s the average lifespan of this hearing instrument?
  • What happens if my hearing instrument stops working?
  • Do you repair them or does someone else?
  • What will it cost?
  • How would I get my hearing instruments repaired when I’m traveling?
  • Will I be provided with loaner hearing instruments while mine are being repaired?
  • What happens if my hearing changes? 
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