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Starkey Hearing Technologies are completely focused on the benefits that hearing innovation can bring to enrich people’s lives, relentlessly seeking out the next breakthrough in technology.

They have the most advanced research and development in the industry; a new, dedicated research facility - Starkey Hearing Research Centre - was opened in 2004 in Berkeley, California to focus on long-term hearing research issues as well as product development.

Starkey Hearing Research Centre is building a bridge between the industry and academia, and translating science into tangible improvements for people living with hearing loss.

Working with leading researchers and universities around the world, including partnerships with the University of Manchester and Cambridge University, we continue to seek ways to better understand the science of hearing loss and its impact on auditory perception and cognition. Through unrivalled commitment to research, sustained investment and developments in technology, we make life-changing advances year after year, translating into hearing aids that are specifically designed to suit individual needs and lifestyle.

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