3 Reasons for upgrading your hearing aids

It’s an exciting time in the hearing industry; hearing aid technology is better than ever! The latest advancements, including our just released Made for iPhone, Halo™ hearing aids, represent years of research and clinical trials. A common question among current hearing aid wearers is when, and why, to upgrade to new technology. Here are three reasons hearing aid wearer...
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How Xino Tinnitus Improved My Quality of Life

Aaron was recently fitted with Starkey Xino Tinnitus devices after struggling with tinnitus for more than ten years. Xino works by creating a customizable and comfortable sound stimulus that is fine-tuned by the wearer and his or her hearing care professional. The result is personalized sound therapy designed to mask or cover up tinnitus. We recently spoke with Aaron to hear ho...
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What to expect at your hearing aid fitting

The big day is finally here, your hearing test revealed that you are an ideal candidate for hearing aids and you are about to be fit with your first set. Following your hearing evaluation, you and your hearing professional selected the style and level of technology that would best suit your listening needs. Now what? Here is what you can expect at your first fitting appointment. T...
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Anglesey Show: Tuesday 12th - Wednesday 13th August

The Hearing Roadshow was a great success at the Anglesey Show yesterday. Our hearing specialists were delighted to provide free hearing advice and information to the people of Anglesey. There was even a little bit of sunshine, and we are looking forward to the second day of the show! If you’re at the show on Wednesday 13th August, pop over to speak to our hearing specialists about all typ...
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What's Inside a Hearing Aid?

Today’s hearing aids are smaller and more powerful than ever before. But don’t let the small size fool you; amazing technology is housed inside every hearing aid. Let’s take a look at the internal components to see how powerful high-tech hearing aids are able to dramatically improve speech understanding and listener comfort. Simply stated, hearing aids consist of a microphone,...
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