Paul's Hearing Journey

Today on our blog, we’re excited to share Paul’s story. He is currently wearing 3 Series™ Behind-The-Ear hearing aids with Surflink® Mobile. Take a look at his hearing journey, told firsthand, below! I was born with a hearing loss that progressed from mild to severe over the years.  My hearing loss is likely genetic as my maternal grandfather had the same loss. ...
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It's all about the pitch

Pitch isn’t just a word associated with singers. It is the property by which sounds are ordered on a frequency-related scale. More often than not, sounds with higher pitches are usually the first to be lost when hearing loss begins and the most difficult to get back. Sounds with higher pitches are also those that seem to increase in pitch as they become louder, often becoming painful to li...
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Do you wear earplugs at night?

Audiologist Joan McKechnie works for UK based Starkey hearing aids Joan is registered with the United Kingdom’s Health Care Professions Council and has years of experience in the hearing aid industry. Today, Joan joins us a guest blogger to discuss the use of earplugs at night. Many people have trouble sleeping at night. They may be very light sleepers, have partn...
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