Help a Family Member Get Their Hearing Tested

When you begin to notice a family member struggling with their hearing, it’s instinct to want to jump in and help. But how do you be an advocate without being pushy or invasive? Here are some helpful tips to help encourage your family member to get their hearing tested while respecting their feelings. If you are noticing signs that a family member or friend may have hearing loss, the...
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Festive Hearing Loss Tips for Hosts and Guests

When the festive season is in full swing it can be hard to hear. Family and friends coming over for a holiday dinner, chatting and laughing around the table, glassware clinking and perhaps even holiday music playing softly in the background. Or, you might be heading to someone else's house for a fun party and end up surrounded by 30 other guests all talking away, again with music in the background...
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Christmas Parties and Guests with Hearing Loss

Today’s guest blog is by Michelle Friedman, Director of Marketing at Medical Scrubs Collection, freelance writer, and mom to a very special hearing-impaired little boy. She is passionate about spreading awareness and support for hearing impaired children as they work to communicate in a hearing world.Christmas is a happy time; a time to enjoy friends, family and good food. A time to r...
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Speech ID and Acuity Directionality

There are two things we most often hear patients ask for from their hearing aids: better speech comprehension and the ability to listen better in noisy or busy environments. Fortunately, two features enable users to hear crisp speech and to focus on a speaker while surrounded by a multitude of others: Speech ID and Acuity Directionality.Speech IDOne of the greatest challenges with hear...
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