Tips For Travelling with Hearing Loss

Travelling is a typically a fun activity but it can often be a nuisance for those with hearing loss and hearing aids. Remembering these tips can keep your travel stress-free and your hearing aids well-maintained. Tap into your resources: There are many online resources for those travelling with impairments. Take advantage of these and make your reservations online. Ask for emailed confirma...
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Hearing Restored for RAF Veteran

  “I’m glad God’s not deaf,” said Wally Banford, 84, as he was fitted for hearing aids this summer. Wally, who served in the RAF during his time in National Service and now lives in Wakefield, first started noticing his hearing loss during church services when he had trouble hearing the vicar and other participants at Bible Study meetings. “It’s been a p...
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Myth Busting - Debunking 4 Common Hearing Aid Myths

Everyday we answer questions about hearing aids from people around the world on Facebook, Twitter and over the telephone. With all of the conflicting information available online it can be difficult to sort out the facts about hearing loss and hearing aids. Here are four common myths that can prevent someone from seeking hearing help. MYTH: Hearing loss only affects the elderly.REALIT...
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Purchasing a hearing aid online - The Dangers

Given the ubiquitous nature of online shopping, you might be asking yourself if it’s a smart move to bypass the hearing professional and save money by purchasing your hearing aids online. The problem with this approach is that it assumes that all you need to do is put those purchased hearing aids in your ears and your hearing problems will be solved! That’s like buying an orthod...
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Have you suffered from earbud discomfort when listening to music?

Recently, a good friend called me about an ear-related issue (as many of my friends and family do). She described that her ears were sore, itchy and red. Immediately, the audiologist in me thought she must have some sort of ear infection. However, after describing her ear problem she quickly noted that the onset and rapid escalation of her symptoms occurred after wearing earbuds for a couple of ...
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