Posted : 2016-11-28

Steve Cotterell reviews the Starkey Muse Hearing Solution

Starkey Muse Hearing Aid
Hearing loss and hearing related issues can have a significant impact upon people’s lives. Becoming isolated at social events or missing family gatherings because it is difficult to follow conversations is something that can become a frequent occurrence – the natural reaction is to become withdrawn. Hearing well and making the most of your hearing is important to ensure that we stay connected with friends and family, be active in the workplace and do all the things that we enjoy in life.

Steve Cotterell is a professional technical journalist, enthused by the latest cutting edge developments. Passionate about technology that can help people with hearing loss, Steve created a social forum, Deaf – Not Stupid, which reviews items and offers impartial advice. We provided Steve with the latest Starkey Muse hearing solution, and he gave us his thoughts.

‘I’ve been trialling a pair of these tiny behind the ear aids for a number of weeks and I’m delighted with them. There’s absolutely no feedback, they're almost invisible and they’re comfortable to wear.’

‘There’s just the one button on the surface and the audiologist, after consulting me about the programmes I would like incorporated, utilised the fact that I wear two aids (which communicate with each other), to make a short push on the right aid button increases the volume and the left aid button decreases it. A longer push on either aid’s button steps you through the listening programmes.’

‘The descriptive brochure stresses the new technology involved in advancing these aids’ speech audibility and listening enjoyment. I certainly found that they delivered crisp conversation, even at a distance. I have enjoyed listening to music, streamed wirelessly to the aids, via a Starkey SurfLink. The quality of the music was excellent and it was lovely not having wires dangling from my ears! Phone conversations conducted via the aids and the SurfLink also came across loud and clear and I was impressed by the hands-free mode that uses the aids’ mics to pick up your speech.’

About Steve’s work and Deaf – Not Stupid
Steve has over twenty years’ experience as a professional technical journalist. In Steve’s words ‘My intention, in running the "Deaf - not stupid" Facebook page, is to provide an area where people who are deaf or hard of hearing can find out about, and comment about products, resources and organisations that are of specific use to them. Having been severely deaf since birth, I realised that there was nothing like this available on Facebook and so I created the "Deaf - not stupid" page to plug the gap! For more information, visit:

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