Stef Barber's Journey with Hearing Loss

Today’s guest blog post comes from Stef Barber - Completely-in-Canal (CIC)  hearing solution wearer and wheelchair racer! Stef was born with spina bifida and was diagnosed with severe hearing loss at 16 months of age. She has an inspiring story and a clear love of life. Take the time to get to know her through her own words! I’m 30 years old and live on Vancouver Island in Brit...
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Listen carefully with the Soundcheck App from Starkey Hearing

Several teams playing the NFL American Football League, including the Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs, have an ongoing battle to secure the title of the world’s loudest sports stadium. While the competition is good fun, many hearing experts voiced concern at how this noise could have a long-term effect on fans attending the game. Starkey VP of Audiology Dave Fabry noted that exposur...
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Prevent Damaging Your Hearing – Are You At Risk?

What Can You Do? Hearing loss is a gradual and normal part of the aging process. However, excessive noise is still the primary cause. Permanent hearing loss can occur almost instantly with unprotected exposure to certain sounds. To protect yourself from noise: - If the sound level at work exceeds 85 dB, reduce the noise level or wear hearing protection. - Lower the volume of your televisio...
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