5 Halloween Hearing Loss Safety Tips for Kids

A recent census report estimates that more than 41 million children will go trick-or-treating this year. Following recommended safety guidelines this Halloween will help keep your little ones safe. 1. Check Hearing Aids If your child wears hearing aids, make sure the hearing aids are functioning properly before you leave the house. Confirm the volume level is comfortable for your chi...
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Tips For At-Home Hearing Aid Maintenance

Utilizing simple tools like a tube blower (above) can make the difference in hearing aid life and performance. The following is a guest post by Carolyn Pinkerton, Au.D. Carolyn joined the Starkey Hearing Technologies team as an Education and Training Audiologist in June 2012. She recently completed the Au.D. program at Northeastern University. Her clinical experience includes evaluations for and ...
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A Glass A Day Keeps Hearing Loss Away?

Red wine is infused with plenty of antioxidants, which has led to the smooth drink being credited for healthy hearts, but did you know that there is something else in red wine that's beneficial? In fact, studies have shown that not only could a moderate consummation of red wine help with heart health but also hearing health. Red wine is commonly praised for being “heart healthy&rdquo...
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From Silence to Symphony: hearing the music of life

The journey from recognizing hearing loss to purchasing a hearing aid can be long, and it can also be hard. There are many bumps along the road, and for many people the ability to hear can be taken for granted. Our own Sarah Bricker talks about how waiting to get help was a mistake, the struggles she faced along the way and how now, she sees her hearing loss as a gift and her hearing aids a...
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Ask a Hearing Professional

A while back we asked our Facebook fans to send us any questions they would want to ask their hearing professional. We gathered all your responses and then had our own hearing professionals at Starkey take a crack at providing some answers. See below for the top three fan questions and answers from our own audiologist Carolyn Pinkerton.    What is the safest way to protect your heari...
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Tips To Combat Listening Fatigue

Do you get Listening Fatigue? Hearing is hard! Just like your legs get sore after a good run and your eyes tire after long periods of reading or watching TV, your ears get worn out listening to sounds and speech. They get tired even faster if you have hearing loss, because your ears work harder to hear, decipher and interpret speech, noise and sound all at once. Listening fatigue is all too co...
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