How To Tell Others About Your Hearing Loss

“It’s noisy in here.” “The wind is really strong.” “Your phone keeps breaking up and dropping your voice.” “Can you stop mumbling please?” We’ve all used these excuses before, and we've all learned that down the line, they really don’t do us any good. Admitting you have a hearing loss shouldn’t be embarrassing, but for m...
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5 Tips for Hearing Aid Batteries

  To get the best performance out of your hearing aid batteries, follow these five important battery tips. Temperature Store batteries at room temperature in their package until needed. Do not refrigerate. Reduced temperature reduces battery life. Maximize Battery Life Turn off your hearing aids or open the battery door to save battery life. Hearing Aid Usage The length and frequency you ...
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3 Healthy Hearing Tips As You Age

Hearing loss comes with aging, and as you grow older you ears ability to hear is diminished. But despite this unavoidable coincidence, Audiologist Carolyn Pinkerton has got three tips for healthy hearing as you get older. 1. Protect your hearing! When exposed to loud noise sources, wear hearing protection. There are many options for protecting your ears including foam earplugs or noise cancelli...
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What if Hearing Loss Meant Your Life

Being hard of hearing isn’t the same as being 100-percent deaf, and yet there are situations where being either can have the same results.  A recent article caught my eye in the Silent World August 13 edition. It was titled "During a Crisis, Deaf People Are Left Behind: What the Hearing Communities Can Do to Help." At first, I passed it by, because I am not 10...
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