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Alpine SwimSafe

Enjoy more fun in and on the water with Alpine SwimSafe earplugs. These special swimming hearing protectors prevent water getting into your ears, which can cause infections and swimmer’s ear. Thanks to the unique filters, you can still hear virtually everything. You can use SwimSafe earplugs while showering, swimming, or snorkeling, but they are also ideal for those participating in water sports. Many water sports fans wish to protect their ears against water and wind during (kite)surfing, sailing and wakeboarding. They wish to prevent an ear infection or surfer’s ear and to enjoy engaging in sport without painful ears. Pluggies Kids earplugs are available for children.

• Prevents water from penetrating your ear
• Protects against ear infection and surfer’s/swimmer’s ear
• Ambient sounds and conversation can still be heard 
• Extremely comfortable AlpineThermoShape™ material
• Floating capacity
• No silicone
• Reusable

Ear Plugs for Swimmers 

Alpine SurfSafe

Your ears are well protected and you can continue to communicate when wearing Alpine SurfSafe! The earplugs are made of soft and flexible AlpineThermoShape™ material that adapts to the shape of your ear canal for an optimal fit and means that there is no irritation on the sensitive skin within your ear. The filters are also made from a wind resistant material and are attached to an elastic cord, which means they do not get lost.

Alpine SurfSafe


Earol® Swim prevents swimmers ear and trapped water

Earol® Swim prevents swimmers ear and trapped water. With Tea Tree Oil delivers a metered dose of a unique blend of Olive Oil & Tea Tree Oil into the outer ear finely coating the auditory canal creating a water resistant barrier.

Earol swim - Just hear

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