Alpine MotoSafe Hearing Protection

Motorcyclists can experience an annoying ringing in their ears and a very tired feeling after a long ride, which is caused by the high volume of wind noise under your helmet. At an average speed of 70mph, you can experience sounds of 98dB, which can cause permanent damage after just 7 minutes of exposure. In order to avoid this, Alpine has developed the perfect hearing protection for all types of motorcyclist.

MotoSafe Tour: Ideal for tours, holidays and on the motorway.
MotoSafe Race: Ideal for motorways, the circuit or with an open helmet.
MotoSafePro: Contains a complete set of MotoSafe Tour and MotoSafe Race earplugs. Ideal for different uses and choosing the attenuation level yourself.

 Alpine MotoSafe Race and Tour

MotoSafe earplugs have very soft filters and a unique model. As a result, they are very comfortable underneath your helmet and fit perfectly. Durable and flexible AlpineThermoShape™ material, shapes to the ear canal for a perfect fit and maximum protection even when used for the entire day! 

Alpine MotoSfae Tour and Race EarPlugs

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