SleepSoft ear plugs

Special filters
SleepSoft earplugs suppresses any noise from the environment to a comfortable level. This eliminates the nuisance caused by traffic, snoring sounds, neighbours or other noise, while still being able to hear sounds of a high frequency such as crying babies, the doorbell, an alarm clock or other alarms. This is possible thanks to the earplugs’ special acoustic filters.

Sleepsoft Alpine Earplugs - JustHear 

Very comfortable
The SleepSoft earplugs are produced from a very soft, flexible and durable thermoplastic material. Due to the warmth of the ear it adapts to the shape of the auditory duct. Therefore, SleepSoft earplugs are very comfortable and you will hardly notice that you’re wearing them. At last, able to enjoy your wonderful night of sleep even more.

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