Our Philosophy

So the world may hear …

Founded in 1967, Starkey Hearing Technologies is a world leader in hearing technology dedicated to improving the hearing and lives of people across the world.

Recognised across the globe as a premier provider in hearing healthcare, cutting-edge hearing technology provides the means to create connections between people and their worlds. We bring together industry-leading innovation, a personalised service and a philanthropic approach to deliver better hearing to people everywhere.

Because of this we created JustHear, a campaign to provide information, support and advice to anyone seeking better hearing for themselves or their friends or family.

Everyone deserves the right to hear …

Better Hearing means more communication, more participation, and more opportunities. It’s what we believe and it's the reason why we see every hearing aid fitting as an opportunity to change someone's life through better hearing.

Our network of hearing professionals share this philosophy and will work to ensure every hearing solution fits a patient’s very individual and unique hearing needs. So they can stay active, engaged and connected to their life and their family and friends around them.


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