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Nowhere is our commitment to better hearing more evident than through the efforts of the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Driven by the passion of Starkey’s owner and founder, Bill Austin, and the sustained efforts of thousands of volunteers and donors, the Foundation distributes and fits over 100,000 free hearing aids annually to people in need around the world.

To date, over one million people who otherwise couldn’t hear have been given a chance to be a part of this world thanks to the Starkey Hearing Foundation — and Starkey hearing aid wearers.

That's because, every time someone invests in better hearing for themself, we make a donation to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which travels the globe to fit free hearing aids to people in need, and to give them the priceless gift of hearing.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation is dedicated to building better lives for hearing-impaired people around the world. Since 1973, the Foundation has promoted hearing care awareness through the support of hearing research, education and charitable programs. Bill Austin began the Starkey Hearing Foundation with a simple premise:

“Alone we can’t do much. But, together we can change the world”.

An enthusiastic advocate for hearing impaired children, Bill personally fits thousands of hearing aids each year to peolpe with hearing loss.

To date, missions have been carried out in more than 86 countries worldwide and continue. The Foundation has sponsored International Hearing Missions to Egypt, Malawi, Mozambique, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and many, many more.

Through gifts of time, money, products and materials, these international outreach programmes have improved countless lives. In the UK, Starkey make a substantial contribution to the work of the Starkey Hearing Foundation every year.

The Starkey Foundation runs many project across the world and with our many supporters and ambassadors we are able to take our message to people:

Celebrities talk about the power of hearing and the Starkey Foundation

In response to the 2010 Clinton Global initiative, Starkey Hearing Foundation is committed to providing 100,000 hearing aids a year to those most in need, a committment of 1 million hearing aids for the decade

A mission to Israel - the power of hearing breaking down barriers

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