RAF Benevolent Fund

Starkey Hearing Technologies and the RAF Benevolent Fund

RAF Benevolent Fund
JustHear and Starkey Hearing Technologies are very excited to be a chosen partner of the RAF Benevolent Fund. We are very proud to support the people that have served and are currently serving our country.

Many military veterans are affected by hearing-related issues and tinnitus, but don't seek advice or treatment until up to seven years after they notice the first loss. During this time, the loss can become worse and has probably had an impact in social situations. 

Preferential service for hearing problems - Do I qualify?
We warmly invite current and former members of the RAF. Families and friends of current and ex-servicemen also benefit from our exclusive hearing services.

Why choose us?
We are passionate about better hearing and the benefits that it brings to our lives and wellbeing, connecting us with our friends, family and the world around us. Our network of hearing professionals across the UK share the same philosophy and passion and will work closely with you to provide the highest levels of service and support. We are a global leader in hearing technology so you can be confident you are in good hands when you choose us.

We have already helped millions of patients experience more through our network of qualified professionals and our ground-breaking hearing aid technologies, and we are now proud to be supporting those who have served our country with the very best in hearing innovation. We will also make a contribution to the RAF Benevolent Fund for any hearing solution purchased through our partner network.

What happens next?
Booking a hearing assessment is the first step to better hearing. Just get in touch with us and our team will look after you.

1.  Firstly, we will connect you with your Local Hearing Professional who will arrange a convenient time to assess your hearing. This can be done at a hearing clinic or in the comfort of your own home.

2.  Your Hearing Professional will perform a hearing assessment, an easy and straightforward process which will allow them to understand how well you are hearing. Find out more information about what happens during a hearing assessment.

3. They will then discuss with you any recommendations to assist your hearing. If your Hearing Professional recommends a hearing solution, as a RAF Benevolent Fund member you will benefit from exclusive hearing aid packages.

4.  You will receive a 12 month annual hearing test thereafter and comprehensive aftercare and servicing of your hearing and hearing device.

See how people are benefitting - Read Wally's Story
Wally Bamford, a former chaplain in the RAF, was fitted with a Starkey 3 Series hearing solution and said "I can hear better and continue to be sociable." Read Wally's story.

Book your free hearing assessment today.
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Download your free leaflet below, or request your comprehensive hearing advice pack by calling our free phone telephone number 08000 683 533 or complete the contact form. We will be in touch with further information as soon as we hear from you.

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