Happy Halo Customer - Testimonial

Halo2 hearing solution

The quality of the hearing aid is exceptional. I even get told off at home for having the television turned down too low! The additional advantage being that through the Trulink App on my iPhone, I am able to adjust the volume and boost the bass and the treble. Also is the ability to save these settings to automatically come on when I am in the same place again through GPS. This is especially useful working in a school environment as I am able to adjust to my needs easily and it turns on automatically as I walk into work. I set them once, save this setting and then next time I am there the GPS picks it up and changes the setting automatically to how I previously adjusted it.

For me, the media streaming came into its own when I took a train journey to London for the weekend. Switching between my iPad and iPhone, I was able to watch a film and play my games with the sound coming directly into my Hearing Aids. This has since improved as I have changed the domes on my hearing aids to fit my ears better and now hear the music much clearer.

The initial worries about the drain on the battery on both the aids and the iPhone have not occurred. A couple of downsides are that my husband does not know when I am listening to streaming and becomes frustrated when he speaks to me and I ignore him! The other is that they do not have a function so that I can hear my phone ringing directly into my ears. I still miss calls when I don’t hear the ringtone. The aids are a little bigger than my previous ones but are still discrete and fit on my small ears with my glasses on easily.

I would recommend these aids both for the clarity of hearing and the ability to link with the I pad and have control of the adjustments personally.

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