Tinnitus Hearing Products

Designed to deliver the one thing every person with tinnitus wants — relief …

Tinnitus Device - Just Hear Xino Tinnitus

We have engineered a new tinnitus treatment solutions that will forever change the way people deal with ringing in the ears. Called Xino Tinnitus and Muse, they are designed to deliver all day relief from tinnitus.

Using our patent-pending Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, Xino Tinnitus and Muse create a customisable and comforting sound stimulus that users and their hearing professional can fine-tune to soothe these unique, irritating sounds. The result is personalised sound therapy designed to:

  • Mask or cover up tinnitus
  • Take your focus off tinnitus

And because many cases of tinnitus involve hearing loss, it also features advanced hearing aid technology, as amplification has been shown to help with relief.

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