Girlings Hearing Aid Centre

Congratulations to Nicola and Ian Girling on the opening of their new centre in Sherborne, Dorset. Both have over 20 years’ experience dispensing hearing aids, and the new practice will pride itself on the same values as their other practices:

-  We will ensure that fitting is successful
-  Aim to maximise residual hearing
-  Work with our patients to achieve the best possible solution
-  Offer a full aftercare service, tailored to the individual needs of each customer

Girlings Hearing Aid Centre, Sherborne

The Girlings Hearing Aid Centre offers a full range of hearing services from the initial test and hearing aid fitting to a comprehensive personal aftercare programme. This ensures that each patient gets a tailored service and the best possible results from their hearing instrument. The centre offers different styles, which range from discreet invisible hearing aids to wireless instruments that can be connected to your mobile phone, television or audio device. 

If you would like to book a hearing test or have any questions, please do contact the Girlings Hearing Aid Centre.  

Tel:01935 815647  

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