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New Hearing Centre opens in Llanrwst, North Wales
Geraint Davies Hearing has recently opened their new hearing centre in Llanrwst, North Wales. The centre opened on the 3rd July, in the lovely market town on the outskirts of Snowdonia. The new centre is a modern practice that delivers a tailored service for a number of different hearing needs.

The new centre is in a great location
It’s an historic and bustling little town with lots of new shops and businesses opening. There’s also a high proportion of Welsh speakers, which helps us as we’re a bilingual company, and it’s also my home town.

How was the opening day?
It went very well. We invited a number of our clients to our opening day, and were pleased with the response. As well as being given a tour around the centre to show off all the new facilities, those who attended were offered a plate of bara brith (a traditional Welsh delicacy!) which seemed to go down well, especially when washed down by a glass or two of champagne!

Do you have more open house days planned?
We’re planning to host a number of open days in the future, and we’re already planning a feature on Sound Lens, the invisible canal aid from Starkey.

Geraint Davies Hearing

You have some great facilities in the new centre
We offer a free hearing test and assessment, and undertake an otoscopic examination to see whether or not hearing assistance is needed. If an aid is required, we can use the technology to assess the most appropriate type of hearing solution for any situation.

Aftercare is crucial - to ensure that each hearing aid continues to give maximum benefit, we provide a complete aftercare service, which includes free regular check-ups and reprogramming as required. We know how important this is to a successful fitting.

If you need any further information about hearing loss and possible options, please do contact Geraint, or search for a local hearing professional in your area.

Geraint Davies Hearing
8 Ffordd yr Orsaf, Llanrwst, LL26 0EP
Tel: 01492 640101

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