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So tell us about your business?

Guy Wolstencroft - Business ownerGuy Wolstencroft, Isle of Man Hearing Solutions 

IOM Hearing Solutions has been created to help anyone with hearing impairments. Having been in the industry for over 20 years I decided to start up an independent & modern practice, using the best audiology equipment available. From studying and lecturing around the Island, UK, Europe and the US I have researched what works best for the patient which has inspired the designs and layout of my practice. Many professional experts have visited my business here and have been very impressed with what has been created with IOM Hearing Solutions, the layout, ambience and particularly our sound lounge. Our sound lounge, fitted with the finest Italian sofa, allows the set up different hearing systems to replicate different social environments – driving, sat at a busy restaurant - which allows me to fine tune their hearing needs. It’s the first one in Europe and an expert in Singapore is looking to recreate it! It is a nice environment and great for those with a hearing deficiency. We have furnished it with Italian slate, soft leather chrome sofas, Apple products, the finest testing and equipment from the US, surround sound, SONAS, smart televisions, even Royal Doulton for our coffee cups!

Isle of Man Hearing

How did you get into this? What is your background?

It actually goes back to when my grandmother suffered from hearing loss that I began to understand the invisible disability and how it affected her. When she started using a hearing aid, and we’re talking over 30 years ago, I saw a complete change in her living. I was so amazed by its efficiency that I decided to study at Cardiff and Manchester University and qualified by the mid 90’s
What are your hobbies outside of work?I’ve always been into sport. My first passion was Rugby. I was selected for the first team in Cardiff at age 17 and continued to semi-professional.

After leaving the Rugby scene I set up a club at Knutsford which actually went on to win the National Awards Blueprint of how to set up a Rugby Club, now there are 150 kids there on a Sunday morning!

I then went on to found the Triathlon club in Knutsfod which gained 130 members in 2.5 years!

When my involvement with Rugby tailed off I turned to running. Having always wanted to do a Marathon this was my next target. So, I researched into the options and stumbled across ‘UK’s toughest Marathon’ and decided to give that a go. I was determined that I would run the entire distance which I did achieve, however one step across the finish line I was done, could not move! I had a 6 minute ice bath (only supposed to be 2 mins) a massage and when on my way to the car, I got two metres away and a lovely chap asked if I was ok and if I needed any help. I gave him my keys and requested he drive my car to me as I just could not move a step further! My celebratory meal for the evening was a Chateaubriand with a side of fillet steak! Being over 6’4, and completing a marathon in 4 hours 17, finishing in the top third of competitors, I think I earned it!

This was the beginning of ‘Fancy sharing a pint’. Rather than ask for money to support my run, I requested that anyone who wished to contribute to give a pint of blood. My aim was for 1001 pints in 40 days, we achieved over 1,700!

From here I progressed to represent Great Britain Tri-City-Athlon and joined a team of 10 from the UK including the Brownlee brothers. The event kicked off with a 1.5k swim in the Bassin de la Villette in Paris, then boarding the Eurostar to Brussels where we cycled 40k up and around the impressive King Boudouin Stadium. We all then raced back on the Eurostar to London for the final 10k run in Regents Park. There was a common theme at the event where at each section my aim was to not get lapped by the Brownlee’s. On each occasion it was also their mission to lap me. As it turned out they had the luck on their side! It was this moment where I felt closest to being a pro athlete, yet at the same time, quite clearly how far away I was! My aim for the Tri-City-Athlon was to raise a pint for every 50 metres achieved, so a total of 1,030 pints of blood. By the end of the year with a little help from Chris Evans on Radio 2, we raised 7,000 pints!

What advice would you give to someone starting a business / a would-be entrepreneur?

Believe big and go with your instinct. Dream big and people can make things happen, be the best you can and always look at the finite details. It’s the little things that count; it doesn’t cost to call a client or customer after a meeting to say thanks, or to send out a Christmas / Get well soon card, do things that make people feel good. Don’t imagine what’s the worst that can happen, but what’s the best that can happen, see everything as an opportunity!

What’s headed for the future?

Personally, my next mission is Iron Man 2014 in Austria. For this I am starting a new fundraiser ‘Bone Idle’. This will take a little more commitment from people but there is still no cost and you have the reward of saving a life! For IOM Hearing Solutions, to continue to develop and improve my clients hearing, existing and new.

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