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Oticon OPN1

oticon opn 1

Oticon Opn1 Star Rating: 5/5

Price: £1645 per aid, £3140 per pair

Style: Behind the Ear & In the Ear

Fitting Style: RIC (Receiver in Canal), BTE (behind the Ear), ITC (In the Canal), ITE (In the Ear), IIC (Invisible in Canal), CIC (Completely in Canal), MC (Mini-Canal)

Warranty: 5 Years



Founded in 1904, Oticon is the world’s second largest hearing aid brand. Oticon introduced the world’s first wireless “internet-connected hearing aids” in 2016. Oticon is continuously innovative in their approach to their researched-based “BrainHearing”.

The Oticon Opn Range

Launched in 2016, the Oticon Opn range boasts to be the first internet connected hearing aid.

The Oticon Opn range has been superseded by the Oticon OpnS range, but when the Opn range is compared to the previous top range Alta2 Pro, the Opn range has a 30% increase in speech understanding, including in noisy environments without dampening background sounds.

The Oticon Opn1 Model

The Oticon Opn1 model is the premium level of technology in the Opn range.

Technical Features:

  • The If This The That (IFTT) Network: this feature is the cloud network that the Opn range connects to enabling the user to connect different devices to work with the hearing aids.
  • OpenSound Navigator (Level 1): this feature continuously analyses the surrounding environment and balances the sounds to make them easier to process. This feature also attenuates the more important sounds for the listener.
  • Binaural Processing: this feature uses Near-Field Magnetic Induction to connect the two hearing aids enabling them to communicate with very low power consumption.
  • Feedback Shield LX: this feature provides really quick and effective feedback management, preventing feedback sounds without compromising the audibility or the sound quality.
  • Soft Speech Boost LX: this feature applies soft gain to increase the ability to understand soft speech.
  • Spatial Sound LX: this feature provides precise spatial awareness, helping to identify exactly where sounds are coming from.
  • Speech Guard LX (Level 1): this feature combines linear and non-linear compression to keep speech dynamic.
  • Transient Noise Management: this feature protects against sudden loud noises, with four different levels of fine tuning.
  • Wind Noise Management: this feature protects against uncomfortable noises from the wind.


  • TV Streaming
  • AutoPhone: this feature lets the user connect a smartphone (Android or iPhone) to the hearing aids.

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