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Oticon Opn CROS

oticon opn cros

Oticon Opn CROS Star Rating: 3/5

Price: £745 per aid

Style: Behind the Ear

Fitting Style: RIC (Receiver in Canal)

Warranty: 5 Years


oticon hearing aids

Founded in 1904, Oticon is the world’s second largest hearing aid brand. Oticon introduced the world’s first wireless “internet-connected hearing aids” in 2016. Oticon is continuously innovative in their approach to their researched-based “BrainHearing”.

The Oticon Opn Range

Launched in 2016, the Oticon Opn range boasts to be the first internet connected hearing aid.

The Oticon Opn range has been superseded by the Oticon OpnS range, but when the Opn range is compared to the previous top range Alta2 Pro, the Opn range has a 30% increase in speech understanding, including in noisy environments without dampening background sounds.

The Oticon Opn CROS Model

The Oticon Opn CROS is designed for people who have a significant or total hearing loss in one ear. There is a transmitter that absorbs and sends sound from the poor ear to the better ear. The Oticon Opn CROS model is also compatible with the premium Oticon range, Opn S.

Technical Features:

  • OpenSound Navigator: this feature means that you can access OpenSound in simple or complex environments, enabling you to hear sound in every direction. This feature also analyses, filters and balances noise so you can have the best listening experience possible.
  • TwinLink: this feature enables the hearing aids to connect to external audio devices, like Bluetooth. This happens simultaneously while receiving sound transmitted from the poor side the the better ear.


  • ConnectClip: this accessory serves as a remote control for your hearing aids, a Bluetooth Streamer, a microphone and a Smartphone Streamer, enabling hands free phone calls.
  • Bluetooth: this hearing aids enable Bluetooth enables devices to be connected.

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