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Oticon Ruby 1

oticon ruby minirite 1

Oticon Ruby 1 Star Rating: 2/5

Price: £845 per aid, £1645 per pair

Style: Behind the Ear

Fitting Style: RIC (Receiver in Canal), BTE (behind the Ear), SP (Super Power)

Warranty: 5 Years



Founded in 1904, Oticon is the world’s second largest hearing aid brand. Oticon introduced the world’s first wireless “internet-connected hearing aids” in 2016. Oticon is continuously innovative in their approach to their researched-based “BrainHearing”.

The Oticon Ruby Range

Launched in February 2020, the Oticon Ruby range: “offers reliable contact-free inductive rechargeability for added every day convenience. The new essential solution from Oticon also packs in great sound quality and performance featuring a new feedback management system, and outstanding wirelessly connectivity thanks to 2.4GHz Bluetooth® low energy technology, a combination of features never before seen in our essential category.”

The Oticon Ruby 1 Model

The Oticon Ruby 1 model is still an essential hearing aid but has a few more technical features that the Oticon Ruby 2 model.

Technical Features:

  • Adaptation Management: this feature uses three steps to help the user become acclimated to their new hearing aids.
  • Bass Boost: this feature controls the bass leakage in open fittings when streaming audio.
  • Feedback Shield LX: this feature provides really quick and effective feedback management, preventing feedback sounds without compromising the audibility or the sound quality.
  • Multiband Adaptive Directionality LX: this feature quickly adapts to 15 different listening scenarios, each scenario precisely eliminates individual noise sources and then seamlessly adapts back to the full sound scene once the individual noise has gone. 
  • Multiple Directionality Options: this feature allows additional directional settings.
  • Noise Reduction LX: this feature provides a more comfortable listening experience, which therefore improves speech understanding.
  • Single Compression LX: this feature compresses and amplifies sounds to deliver a dynamic and smooth sound.
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport: this feature provides a variety of customizable tinnitus relief sounds.
  • Wind Noise Management: this feature protects against uncomfortable noises from the wind.

Extra Features For This Model:

  • Speech Rescue LX: this feature improves the audibility of high frequency sounds. 
  • SuperShield: this feature manages feedback by preventing feedback before it occurs, meaning no whistling and squealing sounds.


  • ConnectClip: this accessory serves as a remote control for your hearing aids, a Bluetooth Streamer, a microphone and a Smartphone Streamer, enabling hands free phone calls.
  • Smartphone App
  • Phone Adapter 2.0
  • Remote Control 3.0
  • TV Adapter 3.0


The Oticon Ruby 1 has lithium-ion rechargeable options, with 3 hours of charge providing a full day of power.

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