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Oticon Xceed S1 UP SP

oticon xceed s1

Oticon Xceed S1 Star Rating: 5/5

Price: £1645 per aid, £3245 per pair

Style: BTE (Behind the Ear)

Fitting Style: BTE (Behind the Ear), SP (Super Power), UP (Ultra Power)

Warranty: 5 Years


oticon hearing aids

Founded in 1904, Oticon is the world’s second largest hearing aid brand. Oticon introduced the world’s first wireless “internet-connected hearing aids” in 2016. Oticon is continuously innovative in their approach to their researched-based “BrainHearing”.

The Oticon Xceed Range

Launched in August 2019, the Oticon Xceed range is built on the same Velox S platform that powers the Opn S range. The Xceed range is designed for severe to profound hearing losses, with key features offering better access to speech and amplification without the whistling.

The Oticon Xceed S1 Model

The Oticon Xceed S1 model is the top-level of technology in the Xceed range. 

Technical Features:

  • OpenSound Navigator: this feature means that you can access OpenSound in simple or complex environments, enabling you to hear sound in every direction. This feature also analyses, filters and balances noise so you can have the best listening experience possible.
  • OpenSound Optimizer: this feature delivers more amplification without whistling noises.
  • Speech Guard LX (Level 1): this feature provides precise spatial awareness, helping to identify exactly where sounds are coming from.
  • Soft Speech Booster LX: this feature applies soft gain to increase the ability to understand soft speech.
  • SpeechRescue LX: this feature improves the audibility of high frequency sounds.
  • Bass Boost: this feature controls the bass leakage in open fittings when streaming audio.
  • Feedback Shield LX: this feature provides really quick and effective feedback management, preventing feedback sounds without compromising the audibility or the sound quality.
  • Wind Noise Management: this feature protects against uncomfortable noises from the wind.


  • ConnectClip: this accessory serves as a remote control for your hearing aids, a Bluetooth Streamer, a microphone and a Smartphone Streamer, enabling hands free phone calls.
  • Oticon ON App: this smartphone application is available for iPhone smartphones and enables the user to change the volume of the hearing aids, change the programs and turn them off.

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