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Phonak Audeo Paradise P50

phonak audeo paradise p50

Phonak Audeo Paradise P50 Star Rating: ⅗

Price: £1945 per aid £2145 per pair

Style: BTE (Behind the Ear)

Fitting Style: RIC (Receiver in Canal)

Warranty: 4 Years


phonak hearing aids

Founded in 1947, Phonak is the world’s largest hearing aid brand. Phonak has an innovative and customer-focussed approach to the research and development of their products, with their main focus being speech understanding. 

The Phonak Audeo Paradise Range

Launched on 19th August 2020, Phonak introduced the Audeo Paradise range of hearing aids. Martin Grieder, Group Vice President of Marketing for Sonova says,”When creating our latest hearing solution, we turned to nature for inspiration,”  and that “Hearing is such an intricate part of our existence and fundamental for our overall well-being. Nature is also the source of so many sounds that can soothe, relax and comfort us. What better way to rediscover sound than with a hearing aid inspired by nature itself – Phonak Audeo Paradise.”

The Phonak Audeo Paradise range has superseded the Phonak Audeo Marvel range (except the Virto Black and Naida).

The Phonak Audeo Paradise P50 Model

The Phonak Audeo Paradise P50 is the mid-level specification of technology in the Paradise hearing aids range, offering great sound quality, flexible connectivity and has the ability to personalise and control the hearing experience in different sound environments and on the go.

Technical Features

  • PRISM chip: this feature is the new Phonak processing chip. The Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management (PRISM) chip has twice the memory of the previous Phonak chip, lower power consumption and more connectivity options.
  • Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0 (ADP2.0): this feature balances audibility, how loud the sound is and its quality. 
  • AutoSense OS 4.0: this feature uses artificial intelligence providing the ideal personalised experience in any setting, supporting the user’s specific needs to suit the individual lifestyle and communication needs.
  • myPhonak 4.0: this feature now contains the new Hearing Diary 2.0, which helps the user to better educate themselves about the hearing aid by undergoing different tasks. This process helps the user be more accustomed to the hearing aids in different environments.
  • Client Dashboard 2.0: this is an online dashboard that the audiologist can use to create tasks and goals for the user and can also record the feedback on the myPhonak app.

Extra Features For This Model:

  • Motion Sensor Hearing: this feature detects how challenging a hearing situation is while the user is still or on the go, providing clear speech in all situations. 


Even better Bluetooth Connectivity means that the user can now pair their hearing aids to 8 different enabled devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, or even the car. For even more convenience, two different Bluetooth devices can be connected at once and alternate seamlessly between themselves.


The Phonak Audeo Paradise range of hearing aids have a fully rechargeable solution. The small portable charger means the hearing aids can be put on charge wherever the user may need to charge them, offering a more convenient charging solution than dead batteries and carrying spare ones around. The portable charging solution comes in two different options:

  • Phonak Charger Case: an all-in-one portable charger and hard case
  • Phonak Mini Charger Case: a smaller compact charger for two hearing aids

Charging Times:

  • 3 hours: Full charge/24 hours use (less if using Bluetooth stream)
  • 1 ½ hours: 12-15 hours use (less if using Bluetooth stream)
  • 30 mins: 3-5 hours use (less is using Bluetooth stream)

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