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Phonak Marvel 2.0 M30

phonak marvel 2.0 m30

Phonak Marvel M30 Star Rating: ⅖ 

Price: £845 per aid, £1645 per pair

Style: Behind the Ear & In the Ear

Fitting Style: RIC (Receiver in Canal), BTE (Behind the Ear), ITE (In the Ear)

Warranty: 4 Years


phonak hearing aids

Founded in 1947, Phonak is the world’s largest hearing aid brand. Phonak has an innovative and customer-focused approach to the research and development of their products, with their main focus being speech understanding. 

The Phonak Marvel 2.0 Range

First launched in October 2018; “Phonak Audeo Marvel focuses on what you expect from a first-class hearing aid – a clear, rich sound experience. Combined with modern technology it is a multi-functional hearing aid that conveys love at first sound”.

The Phonak Marvel 2.0 M30 Model

The Phonak Marvel M30 is the ‘essential’ most basic technology of the Marvel range, designed for people who may need to hear conversations in quiet environments, but do not necessarily need them for a more dynamic lifestyle.

Technical Features:

  • AutoSense OS 3.0:
  • Speech in Noise: this feature reduces the noise from behind and optimises the ratio of speech to noise to make understanding speech easier.
  • Calm Situation: this feature provides the optimal gain for listening to quiet conversations in quiet environments.
  • Comfort in Noise: this feature reduces the volume in noisy environments where there is no speech to provide a more comfortable experience for the user.
  • Music: this feature gives an enhanced experience when listening to music by providing an expanded dynamic range, slow speeds in compression and more gain.
  • Acoustic Phone: this feature streams the signal of a phone call to both ears so the voice can be heard in both ears.
  • UltraZoom: this feature is categorised as ‘essential’ in this model, the directional microphone technology and  multi-channel technology in the hearing aids improves speech intelligibility.
  • SoundRecover2: this feature is the second generation of SoundRecover technology, designed to improve speech audibility by using an adaptive frequency lowering algorithm; mid and low frequencies are maintained, while high frequencies are enhanced.
  • User Preference Tuning: this feature remembers and applies the user’s adjustments made with FlexControl and FlexVolume.
  • WhistleBlock: this feature recognises and filters the real noises of feedback and feedback-like sounds.
  • NoiseBlock: this feature recognises the difference between speech and non-speech sounds and reduces the uncomfortable noises in the environment.
  • QuickSync: this feature applies instant synchronisation between the hearing aids. If the volume or program setting of one hearing aids is changed on one side, the other will sync up too.
  • AOV: this feature (Acoustically Optimized Venting) creates an individualised vent that can reduce occlusion to the lowest level possible.
  • Tinnitus Balance noise generator: this feature generates a broadband sound that can be used for tinnitus management therapies, or for masking tinnitus.
  • auto Acclimatization: this feature automatically increases the volume of the hearing aids as the user is wearing them to help them become acclimated to them.


The Phonak Marvel 2.0 range can connect to any smartphone (iOS and Android) and other Bluetooth enabled devices to stream any kind of audio, offering a true hands-free phone call experience and even enabling audible phone notifications.


The Phonak Marvel M30 hearing aids are the first 30 options to have a rechargeable battery at no extra cost. This battery is just as good at the top-range M90 one.

Charging Times:

  • 3 hours: Full charge/ 24 hours use

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