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Resound ONE 7

resound one 7

Resound ONE 7 Star Rating: 4/5

Price: £1345 per aid, £2545 per pair

Style: BTE (Behind the Ear)

Fitting Style: RIC (Receiver in Canal)

Warranty: 5 Years


resound hearing aids

ReSound is the flagship brand for GN Hearing which was founded in 1869. ReSound is the world’s fourth largest hearing aid brand. ReSound was the first to launch Made-for-iPhone hearing aids. ReSound were also the first to launch wireless accessories that did not require a ‘neck loop’.

The Resound ONE Range

The Resound ONE range was released in August 2020: “an entirely new class of hearing aids that offers a truly individualised hearing experience and the best sound quality for every user.”

“ReSound ONE is a long-awaited breakthrough that gives everyone a solution individualised precisely to their own hearing anatomy.”

The Resound ONE 7 Model

The Resound ONE 7 model is one step down from the top level of technology in the Resound ONE range.

Technical Features:

  • Programs: this hearing aid has 4 different programs that are fully customisable.
  • Natural Directionality II: this feature is designed to improve speech intelligibility and sound localisation.
  • Synchronised Soft Switching: this feature means that the hearing aids are omnidirectional (locates sounds from the entire environment) when in the quiet and is directional (locates sounds in front) when there is speech noise detected.
  • Noise Tracker II: this feature reduces unwanted background noises, the Resound ONE 7 model classifies this feature as ‘Advanced’ instead of ‘Basic’ or ‘Ultimate’ like other models in this range.
  • Impulse Noise Reduction: this feature cushions the impact of sudden loud noises.
  • Wind Guard: this feature reduces wind noises that can interfere with sound quality. The Resound ONE 7 model classifies this feature as ‘Advanced’ instead of ‘Basic’ or ‘Ultimate’ like other models in this range.
  • Sound Shaper: this feature reproduces high frequency sounds into preferred frequencies if the user has lost the ability to hear higher frequencies.
  • DFS Ultra II: this feature prevents unwanted and disruptive feedback/whistling sounds.
  • Synchronised Acceptance Manager: this feature gradually increases the volume of the hearing aid to acclimate the user until the full prescription is attained.
  • Tinnitus Sound Generator: this feature is used as a distraction tool to help manage tinnitus.


  • Direct Audio Streaming (MFI): this feature enables the hearing aids to connect directly to most Apple devices to have direct streaming.
  • Resound Smart 3D App: this smartphone application enables the user to adjust their hearing aids from their phone.
  • Resound Remote Control 2: this accessory enables the user to adjust the volume and programs by using a remote.
  • Resound TV Streamer 2: this feature streams stereo music directly from a TV, PC or Sound System
  • Resound Phone Clip +: this accessory enables the hearing aids to connect to most Android devices for sound streaming.
  • Resound Micro Mic: this accessory provides clear sounds from up to 25 metres away.
  • Resound Multi Mic: this accessory provides clear sounds from up to 25 metres away, and can also be placed in a noisy environment to pick up multiple voices and stream directly to the hearing aids.


The Resound ONE range has an improved rechargeable battery, providing up to 30 hours of battery life or 25 hours of unlimited streaming. 

There are two charging cases available for the Resound ONE range: one with a built-in battery, allowing up to 3 charges on the go, the second case option must be plugged in to work.

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